Thursday 15 May 2014

The Wettest City In Europe

Bergen: one of the prettiest cities in the world and one of the the wettest.  According to Wiki Answers: Bergen is easily the wettest city in Europe.

Tell any Norwegian, “ I love Bergen.  It is such a beautiful city.”
and they will typically respond, 
“Yeah, yeah, yeah… but it rains a lot.”

While we enjoyed great weather yesterday, today was more typical Bergenian climate. Cool and damp. 

Most people opted to join an all day excursion to Hardangerfjord by motor coach.
We started with a short city tour and then made our way out of the city where the mountains were verdant with exuberant spring green growth.
The human eye is most senisitive to the middle of the light spectrum which is exactly where green wave lengths lie.  Perhaps it is for this reason that the mountains and countryside are so appealing to us, especially in the spring.
At this time of year the fresh leaves are super saturated hues of green that we see at no other time of year.  Each leaf is perfect.  Time, weather and insects have not yet rendered their deleterious  effects.

The steep mountain slopes were covered in a mixed deciduous, coniferous forest.  The fresh and lively deciduous green was punctuated by dark green swaths of conifers. 
We stopped for photographs and sight seeing at numerous spots including breath taking water falls.  Indeed, Norway could probably be crowned the water fall capital of the world.  With the rain and the spring run-off of winter melt water, the cascading mountain streams and rivers are at their most spectacular.

Our well spoken guide regaled us throughout the day with pertinent facts, information and stories of the regions we visited.  Our trip to Hardangerfjord took us away from the coast where we gained a better appreciation of the interior of Norway. 
Shortly after 17:00 we were back at the ship in Bergen.
And in the rain, at 18:00  we cast off our lines, bid adieu to the most beautiful city in Norway.

Look out Lerwick!  Here we come!