Tuesday 20 May 2014

Summertime and Scottish Castles

What a beautiful day! Yesterday it was rainy and windy and today – more than 20° C, so we really enjoyed the day in Oban.

Oban is a beloved town of around 8000 inhabitants but during the summer season there a lot more because of the tourists. Strolling around you find many nice restaurants and B&BS in the small streets. Oban is a Gallic name and means “little bay” and indeed the bay is lovely, therefore many houses are facing the sea. You have a marvelous view from the MacCaig’s Tower over the town and the bay towards the islands Mull and Lismore. Another good places to visit are the Oban Destillery and the Dunollie Castle closed to a beautiful forest and park.

Today we had three different excursions to explore again the Scottish highlands and see some interesting places. So one trip headed to the south leaving again the mainland and visited the island Seil and the village Ellenabeich. In former times this area was a center of slate mining. We
 stopped at several places to enjoy the view especially over the sea towards Mull and explored the village. On the second trip we drove through the wonderful landscape of the Scottish highland with its Lochs and hills, the heather and the woods. We past Kilchum Castle and the Three Sisters, three mountains. 

The destination of the third trip was the Inveraray Castle close to the small and beautiful town Inveraray. The castle was built in 18th century and belongs to the family of the Duke of Argyll. We visited several impressive rooms which are still in use on special occasions and had a short walk to the amazing park of the castle.
Being back onboard of Fram we all agreed it was a fabulous day and especially the Hebrides and the northern part of Scotland are beautiful areas. Now we are heading further north and passing the most western point of the mainland of Scotland.