Friday, 23 May 2014

A Day At Sea

Today was a perfect sea day.  The skies were clear for the better part of the day.  The sea was calm.  
It was a good day for bird watching.  Graceful Gannets were present throughout the day as well as Northern Fulmars and Arctic Terns.  In the morning we were visited by a group of Long-finned Pilot whales.
A day at sea is often a welcome respite to a busy holiday on Fram.  It is a chance to sit back and relax.  It is a time to collect your thoughts and review the exciting places we have been and all of the things we have done.  It is a chance to edit and collate photos and a time to write postcards.  You could also spend time in one of our two hot tubs, both of which have an amazing view of the sea.  You could elect to go to the gym or to the sauna. Or you could do just nothing at all.  just watch the ocean glide by. 
We do our best to keep you busy and to add to your understanding of the places we have visited.  A day at sea is a time for our lecture team to shine.  We had a full program of lectures in three different languages.  We also managed to squeeze in some bridge visits and of course there were the necessary briefings for tomorrow and how disembarkation would work on the following day.  But it’s too early to talk about that.

In the evening at 22:00 our whisky experts Bernie & Beastie enlightened, entertained and educated us.   Once again they provided three different whiskies to taste. What better way to end a relaxing day than sampling fine whisky whilst regarding a setting sun?