Monday, 22 June 2009

Eqip Sermia

How could we possibly have a better day for scenic cruising on our way to the glaciar Eqip Sermia? Impossible! For much of the day the skies were blue and the sea was like a mirror with near perfect reflections of icebergs and the surrounding majestic mountains.
Throughout the day we enjoyed more informative lectures from Andy Axel and ilja.
At 14:30 we had a surprise visitor. King Neptune showed up to baptise those of us that had crossed the Arctic Circle for the first time. Catrine ended up with the entire bucket of ice water dumped on her head!

Just before 6pm we arrived at the glaciar. The Polar Cirkle boats took many loads of food, dishes, large barbeques - in short everything you need for a barbeque pinic on the beach. Well not quite on the beach as once again we kept to slightly higher ground. There is the everpresent danger of calving glaciars inducing large waves capable of washing high up the beach. Soon everyone was happily munching on steaks, burgers and salads while the mosquitoes were enjoying their own feast.
The scenery was jaw dropping beautiful with ice bergs and bergy bits everywhere. We capped off the day with a fruit and ice carving demonstation in the Observation Lounge.