Wednesday, 24 June 2009


We've become a bit spoiled. We have had near perfect weather all week. Perhaps unusual for this time of year in West Greenland. This morning it was a change to wake up to grey skies and rolling seas as we headed to our final destination - the small community of Itilleq.

While Itilleq is small in size with only 123 inhabitants, they are big in hospitality. We were all invited right into their homes for coffee and cake. The coffee was the ubiquitous "Greenlandic Arabic" and the cake was delicious with about the same specific gravity as lead. It was a nice intimate experience with very gracious and hospitable people.

After coffee we headed to the soccer pitch for our weekly match of Team Fram VS Itilleq. To start the game the Fram team was comprised of the Expedition Staff and a few passengers. Twenty minutes into the very spirited game Team Fram had many "substitutes" on the field - with no one going off! It seemed like each team had about twenty players a side. What fun!

No one was keeping close watch on the score but we decided the final outcome was probably Itilleq 6. Team Fram 5.

At 4:30 the last boat left shore in order to get us beack to the ship on time for the Charity Auction and Captain's dinner.