Sunday, 28 June 2009

Uummannaq and Ukkusissat

We're glad to be in Uummannaq right now. In June. It's daylight. At home we take daytime and nighttime for granted. Not so here. From May until July there is 24 hours of daylight. The sun doesn't dip below the horizon for 2 months of every year. Come back in December and you won't see the sun until February. Well, not only is it daylight but it is another warm sunny day.
A perfect day to go to The Desert. The boat ride to the desert was magical. We slalomed around hundreds of icebergs on glass calm water. The sea cast near perfect reflections of the ice and landscape creating photo opportunities not to be missed.
The desert is an incredible region. Minerals high in sulphur and iron create a rocky landscape rich in red and yellow tones providing more stellar photo ops.

In Uummannaq there were plenty of things for us to do; a trip to the small but excellent museum, earthen huts, a unique church, lunch at hotel Uummannaq, a short walk up to a scenic lookout in mid-town and a challenging hike to Santa's house with great views of Hjertefjeldet mountain and surrounding landscape.
Phew! And that was only half of our day! At 16:30 we weighed anchor and turned the bow towards Ukkusissat. The village is small but the people are big in heart. Once again we welcomed the people from Ukkusissat on board the Fram. In the Observation lounge we were entertained with songs and dances. Afterwards we all went on shore and explored Ukkusissat on a near perfect summer evening. It wasn't until 23:30 that we were all back on board the Fram and heading towards our next adventure:
Eqip Sermia.