Friday, 5 June 2009


Well, that is some start: If it weren't for the slightly chilly wind you'd be tempted to walk in shorts. The very clear weather seems to emphasize all colors, so the houses of Sisimiut looks like freshly painted. In Assaqutaq we can watch children working on their fishing skills; the waters are so rich they don't even need a bait! Also they learn hunting seals at primary school, makes you think about spoiled Nintendo-Kids at home... Greenlandic tradition is revived in many places. A fine example is Jacob, who shows us a sheer endless series of "Eskimo-rolls" in his handcrafted Qajaq. People coming back from the historic hike are beaming, be it the sun or the exitement, hard to tell. So we sail into the evening towards Disko Island. To the delight of the restaurant crew, a whale shows up during dinner, causing many people to run outside. It was certainly worth it: A humpback whale decided to show off a little, breeching three times in a row to great applause. With the Crews Fashion Show a long, good day comes to an end.