Saturday, 6 June 2009


When Anja announces "another beautiful day" in Greenland, you are never 100% sure if the weather is really nice or just not too awful. But no kidding today, no clouds in the sky, mild temperatures and the sun sparkling in the crystal clear Fjord of Qeqertarsuaq. As soon as groups are on shore we start our first hike of the trip: Through the little village, down on the beach where giant icebergs are dancing in the wide bay, across an old lava stream and into the "Valley of the Winds", a steep canyon carved into the loose basaltic rock quite recently. A lot of snow is still sitting on the valley's shoulders, more than in the previous years. That means a lot of melt water coming down, and indeed, the waterfall at the end of the canyon is boasting a thick, milky brown cascade. On the way back a cannon-like sound: One of the bigger icebergs in the bay cracked with the low tide and the remaining piece now starts to capsize. This is minutes of a spectacular phenomenon, those who were on the beach tell the tale on board. The anchor is lifted and off we go, trying the inside passage between Disko Island and the mainland. Let's see how much ice is in there!