Thursday, 11 June 2009


Among the reasons for building the airbase in Kangerlussuaq was the remarkable stability of the weather, nearly 300 clear days per year. This is one of them. Everybody takes off fleeces and jackets, the sun is really hot. The mosquitoes like it, too. A lot. So everybody puts the jacket back on again, preferring to sweat than to be eaten. A full day is laying before us, quite a bit of activity. The road to the icecap gets more adventurous every year, so the bumpy ride takes a little longer. In the meantime, those who stay in "The Big Fjord" go on a very instructive guided tour through the village or take their time at the Science Center until the busses arrive in the afternoon. Next stop: Lake Ferguson where a hearty BBQ is waiting. When it is time to fly back home, at least nobody is hungry! And then: Airport, gate, plane - like a blur, as Farewells often are. Auf Wiedersehen and Good-Bye.
And far out in the Fjord, MS Fram is heading out for the open sea, and many new guests are marvelling at the beauty of this place....