Sunday, 14 June 2009

Uumannaq - Ukussisat

One day, two destinations. Too much? Far from it: The day is bright and sunny all the clock round, so time does not seem to matter at all. So in the morning we explore the "Heart-Shaped Mountain", name for village, island and mountain alike. Apart from the ruggedly picturesque mountains the hike leads us into, it houses the official address of Sta. Claus in Greenland. The old man appears to be surprisingly modest, living in a small sod house by the beach. It's probably the location... Those who went to the boat trip to the desert enthuse about colors and minerals and clearest waters.
In the evening we reach Ukussisat, a remote fishermen's village, our northernmost destination. All the inhabitants wait for us at the landing site, like family. And then there's the dancing, and the kaffemik and the laughing, all from the heart. Not easy to leave, but a lot of memories to take with us.