Thursday, 4 June 2009


Truly, the weather tries to distract everybody from the thought of leaving, under a clear blue sky we navigate towards our last stop. At the foot of snow-capped mountains the colorful houses of Itilleq welcome us. In a double sense of meaning, since the whole village has prepared a kaffeemik, that is coffee and self-made cake in their houses. And then the highlight of the day: The soccer game, Itilleq vs. Fram. In the beginning there are only very few players and quite a lot of rules. In the end we have a lot of players and no more rules; no one bothers about petty offenses like "out" or handplay, also running behind or through the spectators (with the ball, of course) is just fine. Sometimes it doesn't even matter which goal we shoot at. Well, come on, who cares: 33 players on the field, of literally all ages and nationalities, that is a good game, no matter the result. Probably it's a draw, anyway...
In the evening Captain's Dinner while we enter the Sondre Strømfjord towards our destination. The crew cheers everybody up with song and laughter. Time to pack.
Last, but not least: The glorious winners of the "Picture of the Cruise" contest are: Ian and Jane Lawson and Harald Thee. Thank you for participatiing, all of you!