Tuesday, 2 June 2009


There is only one drawback to the day in Ilulissat: It is simply not possible to do everything that is offered, although everything is sooooo tempting: A helicopter ride to the icecap is certainly a one-in-a-lifetime thing, but if you talk to the people that came back from the morning hike to the wide Fjord which is clogged with giant icebergs, it was probably jsut as nice. And then put on a warm sweater, jump on board of the stout excursion boat and find out what it means to be really in the drift ice. Innumerable variations of blue and white, in all shapes there are. In the good ol' times of Kodak, everybody would have spent a fortune on film rolls!
And then there is still a little time left to take a stroll through Greenlands second largest city, although the number of sledge dogs seems to be rivalling the population. Mood is high in the evening, just in time for the famous crew show where our talented crew members perform songs, Balinesian and Phlippine dances, juggling shows and a lot more. Although the trip is near an end, everybody goes to bed with a smile.