Wednesday, 10 June 2009


The clouds hang deep as we approach the scenic Itilleq Fjord, but every minute reaveals more of the beautiful mountainside in the background, and in the end we land under a chilly but blue sky. The Kaffemik is ready and the guests filter one by one or in small groups into the colorful houses on the slope to accept the invitation to coffee and cake with a Greenlandic family. Certainly, the language barrier is no longer existant when a simple smile suffices. One of the most international languages is spoken a little later when everybody joins on the soccer pitch to have the traditional game Itilleq vs. Fram. Cheers are all over, the teams grow as we play, finishing at not less than 39 players! This time our hosts outnumber us in the end and win by - estimated - 8 to 5. Congratulations! In a very cheerful mood everybody returns back to Fram where it is almost time for Captains Dinner.