Friday, 5 June 2009


Well, and that's about is unbelievable how fast time can pass in the end. Early in the morning everybody get's a famous last ride ashore. But: the day is far from over yet. There is a long, bumpy and joyful excursion to the inland ice, the mother of all glaciers and icebergs. This is where it all comes from, fascinating!
The "city" of Kangerlussuaq has got the melancholic charme of a forsaken place, like being strewn into the wide valley of the Søndre Strømfjord. An interesting guided walk brings us to church and museum, but the thoughts a still far in the distance where everybody can catch a last glance on MS Fram mooring in the Fjord. Quite a few vows are made to come back. Then it's BBQ time at the nearby lake, where the last hours till departure are bridged with delicious musk ox burgers and wine and salad. And, finally, after a wonderful trip that seemed long and short at the same time, the red Aircraft leaves the ground. Farewell, Greenland, Farewell, Fram...