Saturday 26 December 2009

Scotia Sea, day two

Another calm day at sea - luckily! However, the sun did not burn today's fog, so most people stayed indoors since there was not much to see around the vessel. In the morning, our passengers were informed about the do's and don'ts of Antarctic travel during their compulsory IAATO briefings. Afterwards, long queues formed around the reception area, with dozens of eager hikers signing up for the hike following the Shackleton walk between Fortuna Bay and Stromness Bay which we will attempt tomorrow in South Georgia - weather permitting. Several passengers had to undergo a quick medical check to ascertain they were fit for the hike.In the afternoon, we had several lectures and people were happy to continue the Christmas festivities on board, which today included eating freshly-prepared waffles - yummy!The day ended beautifully with the sighting of two humpback whales and several fur seals porpoising away from the ship.