Wednesday 16 December 2009

Wilhelmina Bay and Neko Harbour

The morning found us in Wilhelmina Bay. We could not really see the beautiful mountains around us, because it was raining hard and the fog was rather thick. This did of course not prevent us from doing something exciting: we did Polar Cirkel boat cruises with our passengers, who enjoyed getting close to the intensely blue icebergs.

In the afternoon we made a landing on the continent proper, at Neko harbour. We also had a nice time here, with things small and big to wonder at. In the big scale, people that climbed the hill beside the imposing glacier had a beautiful view of Andvord Bay, where several icebergs were floating in the sunlit water. On the small scale of things, patient observation of the penguins allowed freezing the precise moment that enabled… the return of the pooparazi!!!