Sunday 6 December 2009

Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel

The Fram arrived to the port of Ushuaia early this morning. Yesterday's Drake Passage crossing was a little rough but as soon as we entered the channels between the islands near Cape Horn, the water smoothed out nicely.

Upon arrival, the weather in Ushuaia was cold, wet and windy but by noon the sun came out and showed off the mountains around this most southerly city in the world. Changeable conditions like this are very typical of weather in this place.

Our new passengers arrived in the late afternoon and are now settled in their cabins or enjoying the views from the outer decks. Blue jackets were chosen and passengers attended their mandatory lifeboat drill after supper. As the aft propellers started to churn the water, we were away from the dock and heading to Antarctica! Now we are sailing out of the Beagle Channel and the water is nice and smooth. The hills on the shoreline are clad with Southern Beech, which gives a special fragrance to the fresh air in this sparsely populated region. Behind, the mountains are still snow covered even though we are approaching summer.