Tuesday 22 December 2009

South Atlantic Ocean

A quiet day at sea. The wind was moderate with a only few whitecaps to ruffle the blue surface of the water: this pleased the passengers on board. Many albatross, including black browed and the larger wandering albatross, prions and southern giant petrels kept us entertained as they glided around the ship. A pod of dolphins chased the Fram and at least a dozen whales made brief appearances.

Lectures continued through the morning and afternoon with talks on the geology and history of the Falkland Islands, the unique flora and fauna as well as photo workshops where the passengers learned about that most complicated of devices known as the ‘Camera.’ Pre-landing briefings were held discussing our proposed future landings on the Falklands. Bird watching was conducted on the upper decks. The day ended with the world-famous MS Fram fashion show where the Captain, officers and staff modeled various garments available for purchase in the gift shop.