Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 1 of A Greenlandic Adventure

Our charter flight landed at the Kangerlussuaq airport shortly after 16:00. Indeed, most international flights to Greenland utilize the same airport. It is the gateway to Greenland. The small town is very utilitarian looking which is not surprising. Originally it was a United States air base called Bluie West 8. It was built in 1941 at a time when Denmark could no longer ensure Greenland's safe supply and security.

We were met at the airport by some of the Expedition Team from the MS Fram. Before long we boarded a bus which was to take us to the ship. A quiet, lonely road wound through an austere, rocky landscape and then suddenly, the road ended and there was the fjord.

And there lay the ship. Our new home away from home. A quick five minute boat ride brought us to the ship. We were very efficiently checked in on deck three, issued I.D cards and room key-cards and then escorted to our rooms.

 Before we heaved the anchor, at 18:00 there was a mandatory safety drill. At 21:00 the Captain gave a warm welcome speech. We were also introduced to the officers and some of the key personnel on the ship including the Expedition Team.

Now it is 22:00 and Fram glides gracefully down the fjord. There is a light breeze. The sea is so calm that watching the inspiring scenery glide by is like watching a 3D movie. Only it is not a movie. You are here. This is real. The adventure you dreamed about is just beginning.
Kangerlussuaq is situated at the head of a 170 km Fjord of the same name. Kangerlussuaq means the long fjord.