Monday, 23 July 2012

When we managed to land at very isolated Jan Mayen yesterday we were all highly pleased. So back on board, we though the day had had its fill of great experiences. But there was more to come!
First we sailed northwards along the east coast in mist that was gradually clearing, so in the evening we got a good look at the site of the 1970 eruption where lava flowed into the sea forming 4 km² of new land.
 Then midnight approached with new highlights: First the chef announced that he was serving freshly caught cod outside on the upper deck. Three of the ship’s crew had gone fishing while the rest of us went ashore, and they had caught 400 kilograms (900 lbs) of cod, the largest weighing 7 kilos!
And as we stood there enjoying the hot fish, the mist cleared further, and we were warmed by our first midnight sun. The lifting clouds also revealed the Beerenberg volcano rising majestically 2277 m up from sea level. It was immensely beautiful, with glaciers running all the way down from the still active crater to the sea. We felt blessed, given Jan Mayen’s foggy statistics .

The midnight cod dinner and the views meant that many dropped breakfast, but there was good attendance at the numerous lectures that took place all day today. This has been another calm day at sea – we are moving at 14 knots towards Spitsbergen on an ocean with only a small swell, and very light winds.