Wednesday, 25 July 2012

From P to P

 From Polar Bears to Puffins – early this morning 00: 23 Hrs we arrived to Moffen island were we went to attempt to see the walruses.  It was a misty night and early morning at our arrival we barely could see this sand pit island on the thick fog.  However, we knew that was a walrus carcass on the place because a few days ago another vessel spotted a bear eating it, so we were hoping that the bear would still be there.  At our arrival we could see no bears only some Walruses and the thick fog was for short moments lifted but we could not see.  We thought that the bear was already finished with the carcass and we almost gave up but suddenly our chef on the bridge shouted is coming, is coming.  From someplace far from our view at the moment the bear showed up and went directly to the carcass.  We stay in front of the island for about one hour observing how the bear was eating the walrus carcass a sight not to be forgotten.

This evening we visited Skansbukta a small bay below Skansen mountain.  The Skansen mountain is a rookery were thousands of Fulmars breed,and  many Little Auks also the cliffs right above the sea side there were nesting Gillemots, hundreds of Kitiwakes, and a few puffins, which we enjoyed to observe.  On this site as well there are the remains of an old mine of gypsum