Thursday, 12 July 2012


We started the day with a short briefing about planed activities in Sisimiut. In the plan were three optional excursions: Historical walk to Teleisland, boat trip to Assaqutaq and hike to Palaasip Qaqqa Mountain. We were informed that the Palaasip Qaqqa hike is more a climb than a hike (4-5 hours steady, steep climb up to over 500 m above sea level) and that only very fit people should consider that excursion.

We were also informed that this was “Plan A” and due to thick fog some changes might occur. Indeed, as most of us noticed already during the breakfast, the visibility was not good and some of us were even talking about possible changes. Oh well, that’s expedition so we were prepared for that.

Miraculously, as MV Fram entered the Sisimiut Bay,the fog gradually started to disappear. We were back in “Plan A” but the so called “expedition troll” stayed with us. We could do all planed excursion but … we couldn’t go with Fram alongside to the pier. A cargo ship was on its way to Sisimiut and they had priority to use the pier. Conclusion: we had to stay at anchor and use our Polar Circle Boats to bring us ashore. No problem – it’s fun to have a ride in these speed boats. Especially in this calm, sunny weather.

We stayed in Sisimiut till 15:30 so we had also enough time to visit the town. The old town, museum and local handicraft workshop were really worth a visit.

Before we left, one Inuit came in his kayak close to the Fram and made a incredible show for us. It is unbelievable how great skills these people have in handling a kayak.

So, how was the day? … Let’s the pictures do the talking!

View from Palaasip Qaqqa

Bethel Church from 1775

In the town

Kayak show