Friday, 13 July 2012

To All Of The Generous People That Travel With Us, Thank you!!

Hurtigruten's MV Fram donates 78,800 DKK ($12,900) to the
Association of Greenlandic Children

During our Greenland, Spitsbergen and Antarctic expedition cruises we host a charity auction near the end of every voyage.  We have raised many thousands of dollars.  This is not something that we have to do, but something we have chosen to do to “give back” to the places we visit.  In Greenland we donate to the Association of Greenlandic Children and today at noon, on board Fram was the presentation of the funds.  What a marvelous feeling it was to give a cheque of 78,000 DKK to two young representatives of the Association.  Imagine that.  78,000 DKK was raised in just five cruises in Greenland.  We would like to shout out a huge thank-you to all of the generous people that travel with us and either bid at our auctions or just donated funds at the close of the auctions. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.
Today was our big day in the capital city of Greenland, Nuuk.  There were opportunities to explore the city with a bus tour or to cruise the coast line of Nuuk Fjord by boat.
Shuttle buses transported people from Fram to Katuaq, the Cultural Centre and the National museum throughout the day.
It seems that we brought the good weather with us as it has been cloudy and rainy here in Nuuk for the past two weeks.  Not so today. We experienced more glorious sunshine and even warmer temperatures - 16˚C!
Now we make our way even further south.  We are on our way to Ivittuut.