Thursday, 21 May 2015


Most of you know that Hurtigruten changed owner very recently.
First thing they realized is the enormous potential of Expedition - they just needed to take one look at FRAM’s success.
And they took action right away. Here’s the result:
As of now (!), Hurtigruten is turning MS Midnatsol into Hurtigruten’s second Expedition vessel in Antarctica. And here she is:
Yes, you are right: She is bigger than FRAM. Quite so. MS Midnatsol will take up to 500 people to Antarctica, starting in the season 2016/2017.
And as she is bigger, we have the opportunity to diversify our adventures from now on:
Midnatsol will offer different itineraries, including the Chilean Fjords (turnover will be Punta Arenas), and also a different philosophy: Journeys will be not as physical as on FRAM, but we shift a lot of weight over to edutainment, science, and deep experiences of all sorts. For singles, couples, and families alike!
There will be a Media Center, teaching you to take photographs, movies and work on them. On Site.
There will be a Science Program, basically a beginner’s laboratory, where you conduct small experiments, analyze samples with microscopes and many more. So you’ll have a hands-on experiences, accompanying the quality lectures and the landings.
There will be insight in history, philosophy, literature; there will be yoga, children’s activity programs, and so much more unique things.
Of course, there will also be landings, walks, and kayaking. You will even be able to get a beginner’s kayak license on board.

And FRAM? She will get a big boost, too. As we will limit the guest capacity to 200, all the landings in Antarctica will be open to her now. All of them! That means we will be going exploring to places we never have been before (and where Midnatsol can’t go). We will roam and explore full throttle, go snowshoeing, skiing, snorkeling. Some hikes will be turned into overnight expeditions, we will do like the famous explorers did. Go further, go bolder. FRAM-style.

Well, isn’t that exciting news? Please help us spread them!