Saturday, 9 May 2015

Sailing The North Sea

Our day at sea started with a few Bridge Visits on deck 6. Guests were able to sign up and meet us in groups so we could visit the Bridge and ask the captain all sorts of questions. It is a very interesting experience and a unique chance to get a look "behind the scenes".
Our extended lecture program gave everyone the opportunity to learn about the principles of navigation, the North Pole, the Fram, the Norwegian outdoor life, and a lecture from our guest professor lecturer entitled "Beneath the Waves".
On our way to Dover we sailed passed dozens of big oil rigs and wind mills. The North Sea obviously still has plenty of available resources like fossil fuels, wind and wave power. 
The captain also held a farewell cocktail in the Observation Lounge as it was our last day on this trip. After a toast, we all sang a song together which is always a very nice way to end the trip together.
After a last dinner in our restaurant, it was time for some last packing, maybe a drink in the Qilak bar and off to bed. After all, tomorrow we will be in Dover where it is a new start for both the passengers and the crew!