Friday, 2 October 2009

After a calm 2-day-crossing with a lot of lectures we today reached land again.
It was first a little bit rainy and foggy when we entered the little bay of St. Anthony through a very narrow entrance. But as the time went on it turned out to became a nice day with some sunshine as well and unbelievable warm temperatures - TShirt-weather again after all this greenlandic snowstorms ...
And as one of the highlights of the trip we were today able to visit L`Anse aux Meadows, the famous place where Helge Ingstad and his wife had found the remains of a viking settlement in the 60s and so proofed that Leif Erikson really made his way to "Vinland". Onboard the Fram we had their daughter Benedicte who was enthusiastic greeted by all the people working at the museum or in the reconstructed viking houses nearby - for as a teenager she had accompanied their parents for the excavations.