Thursday, 29 October 2009

Olympic Games Final

Today was another grey day and it is starting to get colder outside. Ship Doctor Eduardo decided to spend his break inside in the gym. The cooks have been serving us lot of delicious meals, having barbeque outside every other day. So the rest of the crew should probable follow the doctors good example.

Housekeeper Marissa and Chief Purser Jesper rather wanted to watch a movie. Those of you who been on the Drake Passage in bad weather might recognize their popcorn bag. (travel sickness bag)

Motorman Paul and First Engineer Jonny had to change the safety valve for the exhaust boiler. Jonny thought this was a big event that deserved to be on the blog, therefore he called the photographer to climb down into the chimney.

Last night was the big final of Fram Olympic Games 2009. The competion was to make the longest line out of the clothes and whatever else the participants were wearing. Team "Leftovers" sacrificed everything to win this game. So we decided to spare our readers for this picture. Tonight all the winners from the competitions we have had onbord this cruise got their well deserved prizes.

Position tonight at 23:15 S32'28'' W50'55''