Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Equator line

Early this morning, at 05:50 a.m., we crossed the Equator line. We crossed it at W028' 24,4"

Normally the ships doing the crossing, get a visit of King Neptun, as also entered MV Fram.

Suddenly we got a message over the PA system; King Neptun has arrived, meet outside on deck 7 - now!

It is a special happening to cross the equator line with a ship - to be a real Seaman - you have to be baptized :-)

6 crew onboard crossed the equator for the first time, and they had to be baptized according to Netptuns hard rules. They where threated with Neptuns spezialities, which are not like the splended food we normally get.

We congratulate and welcome the new Seamen Marilyn, Ramon, Mobanga, Angela, Gawas, Eduardo and Malituba in our big family.