Saturday, 24 October 2009

This morning it was grey outside. But we can't do anything about the weather, other than complaining.... and today it was no reason for that either, suddenly the sun was shining so beautifully. Our Chief Engineer Tormod is looking at the beautiful sunset.

It is amazing how nice weather we have had on this journey from New York. We have sailed for 15 days now, and next Sunday, November 1st, we will for sure be in Buenos Aires :-)

Today some of the crew have started waxing the floors in crew area. Our Hotel Manager Else Kristine, was outside her office when they started, and she is not allowed to go in there yet. So right now she is sitting, making comments, in the reception. But she is happy - later she will be proud of the shining floor outside her office. As you can see on the picture, Richardson & Rodaniel are very accurate when doing this job.

Waxing floors??? Chef Jimmy wanted to try to wax his legs, and Hotel Manager were happy to help him.

Position today at 18:00 is S19' 35'' W38' 00''