Sunday, 4 October 2009

Today we went into the heart of the Cape Breton Island - through some narrow passages we sailed to the little town of Baddeck and it felt a little bit like cruising on some inland-lakes as we had no waves and no view of the open sea at all. Baddeck turned out to be very different from the other sofar visited settlements in Canada: No small and isolated fishervillage with just a few houses on rocky cliffs, but instead a busy little town with a lot of souvenir- and handycraftstores as well as beautyful houses at the seafront. It is a nice place that already attracted summer-residents 100 years ago. The most famous one was the known inventor Alexander Graham Bell. The very interesting museum not only tells about his work related to the telephone, but also about his astonishing experiments in the era of early aviation. We could also see the remains of the once fastest speedboat of the world - Bells strange hydrofoil HD-4.