Sunday, 18 October 2009

We are now repositioning from New York to Buenos Aires. 23 days at sea without passengers and with now sight of land anywhere. It feels like we are all alone in this big world, and from the bridge they report that they have hardly seen any other ships.

The weather has been perfect so far. Warm winds and sunny days are nice for the pale-faced Scandinavians onboard BUT we do other things than tanning as well. Actually it is hard work from early morning as the whole vessel is being thoroughly cleaned and all technical installations are being checked for Fram to be in "ship shape" when we start our 3rd Antarctic season from Buenos Aires on November 2nd.

While some of the crew loves the sun others tend to stay inside and hide but when the sun sets activities on deck increase. Tonight we had Air Gun Competition. The picture shows Marivic - who did not hit the target once :-) Obviously Ola, our enthusiastic Safety Officer, wasn´t much of a teacher!

At 17:43 today we had sailed a total of 2873 Nautical miles from New York and our position is N5' 37" and W42' 15" Outside temperature is 29C