Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Changing course

Our electricans Ørjan and Ivar have a lot of maintenance work on this crossing. Here you can see them working with the engine on our mob boat. After having a rough time in the sun (sunburned), they where happy to be hiding inside.

They asked us to put a picture of them on the blog so they can send their greetings to their friends, family and passengers who has been traveling with us earlier.

After work yesterday the crew welfare arranged a Pushball competition. The enthusiasm where on a high level from the first match. On this picture you can see Line and the chef Jimmy winning over Janette and Aurea.

The winner of the competion was assistant chef Eduardo and Ivar after a very exciting final.

Today has been a busy day for the bridge. For 4 days we have been on the same course and at 12.28 this afternoon we changed to the new course, which now are 161 degrees.
Our position at 17:00 was S 5' 49'' W 34' 47''