Monday, 26 October 2009

Olympic games

The first round of Fram Olympic games are over. The first game the participants had to eat a enormous hamburger. Able Body Bong managed to eat almost the hole burger in only 5 minutes. We were all very impressed. Next game was tresurehunting for coins in a bowl with flour using only their mouth, dinning room's Marvin won this.

Then it was time for the newspaperdance. Those who have seen the crewshow know we have a lot of great dancers here on Fram, so we had 4 winners in this competion. On the picture you can see a strong Hotel Manager, standing on one foot, lifting Chief Engineer Tormod.

4th game all the girls had to show what they where good for with a pen tied around their waiste shooting the pen into a bottle. Team ''Leftovers'' with the Hotel Manager was superior to the others in this.
Last competion was relay race, which the Engine won and they are now leading the Fram Olympics. But tonight the other teams are ready to try beating the Engine team

Position today at 18:15 S26'27,2'' W43'51,8''