Saturday, 31 October 2009

Land! We can see land!

This morning we woke up to longed for sight, Land. Even though we seafarers love the ocean, its was nice to finally see land again after 20 days at sea. Having a bunkering boat coming up to us outside Montevideo, we also got to see a few new faces. Now we have been just a crew of 54 so for sure we are all looking forward
to welcome passengers and new crew embarking in Buenos Aires.

Maybe the crew will be glad to get away from the photographer sticking the camera in their nose when they are trying to work. Like here when nurse Cecilia is organizing the hospital. She keeps everything in order and must definitely be the most organized person on the ship.

Ass. Pastryman Michael and Chief Baker Vidal have the never-ending job baking for us. Looks like they are having fun while doing this. And we are happy to eat their yummy treats.

Position tonight at 23:00 S35'01'' W56' 04'' as the pilot is arriving to take us to Buenos Aires.