Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Day 2 Fram Olympic Games

Last night we had the second round in our Fram Olympic Games. First the teams had to eat apples, hanging down in a string from the roof. Each team had two participants cooperating as a couple, so you can imaging how they were eating the apples, with only using the face (no hands allowed). Hotel Manager Else Kristine and Chief Purser Jesper from team "leftovers" won.

Then it was the muimies time to show up. The teams had to wrap one of the members in toiletpapers. We had problem with the camera yesterday, so Marylin in the white costume was wraped again today. The wrapers on the picture are Jael, Marivic and Line. There were two winning team in this competition.

Next game the teams had to throw a ballon with water to each other, and of course, if the ballon broke, the team was out of the competition. Winner was the Restaurant team.

And after a thrilling competition in sack race with 3 crew members inside, Deck team won. Some of the teams had a big challange to stand up on their feet - and jump without falling.

Every day we call the officers on the bridge to get the position. Chief Officer Espen and Navigation Officer Clyde, gave us at 18:05 the following position; S29'05'' W46'52''