Wednesday 4 May 2011

After Gud Hjem - Good Bye

One more day of sunshine, nobody expects otherwise…
However, there is a mood of melancholy wafting around, especially when pictures  are shown, or during the stroll on the ship. It is the feel of departure, of a very nice episode ending. How colourful this trip has been!
This time in Oslo there will be a big changeover: Not only will a new group of guests be arriving, also all the expedition team will be replaced by the one that is assigned for this year's Greenland season. 
So it is safe to call this a turning point, although there will be another Baltic Cruise following, although some of us carry on two more days until Hamburg. For this reason we would like to say good-bye here, thank you very much indeed for being such good sports on board. We hope that you carry a lot home from this, and maybe one day have the urge to come back. You will be more than welcome, you know that!
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