Monday 9 May 2011

Good Morning Kiel Canal!

At 5:30 am we entered the Kiel Canal at Brunsbüttel, an 98,6 km canal connecting the North Sea with the Baltic Sea. The planning dates back to the days of Emperor Wilhelm II of Prussia; the opening ceremony took place on 21. June 1896. Cruising on the world busiest manmade water-street was a perfect start into the day.

Excellent weather, interesting and highlighting commentary from the bridge made this a unique experience. It seemed we were gliding over green and yellow fields. Beautiful 18th & 19th century mansions, farmhouses, small and quaint villages, little inns and restaurants could be seen along the canal.

As we passed along many cyclists and bypassing people waved and greeted happily MV FRAM. Following the ship ahead of us, a Cargo-ship called Nordic Hamburg we approached the locks at Kiel-Holtenau were we left the Kiel Canal at 1:30 pm. The “Kieler Förde” is the first water of the Baltic Sea on this Cruise. Good bye Kiel Canal – Hello Baltic Sea.

After a scenic & leisurely morning our on board lecturers offered us insight knowledge on the Geology and Ecology of the Baltic Sea and the history of the Hanseatic League.

With quiet sea the evening ends with live music in the Panorama Lounge carrying us to the next destination – Bornholm.