Thursday 12 May 2011

Stockholm - Noble Splendour

Today we enjoyed a relaxing morning on board. Sailing from Bornholm to Stockholm with gorgeous weather is an additional benefit on this cruise.

The morning was not only reserved for enjoying the sea and the scenery but also to our lectures. Guests could choose amongst various topics such as Photography, Baltic Amber or an art lecture on the Hermitage of St. Petersburg, some even attended all lectures.

Cruising towards Stockholm we passed the archipelago of the Swedish coast, approximately 24.000 small islands mark this striking landscape. Most of us spent the time on the outside decks not to miss anything. The commentary highlighted the most interesting points of this stretch and guided us into Stockholm where we arrived in the afternoon. The city was bathed in sunshine and almost seemed golden when we approached it. Once MV Fram was moored most of us left for excursions, exploring the waterways of Stockholm by boat or attending a walking tour through the old town. Staying here overnight, right in the center on board MV Fram is another exclusive experience as most ships leave the same day from Stockholm. Many guests thus went for an evening stroll in the Old Town to enjoy the inviting ambience of the city.
Good night Stockholm we cannot wait to see more of the city tomorrow.