Thursday 26 May 2011

Leaving full of impressions - Coming full of expectations

We reached Hamburg our last destination early in the morning. Passengers are sitting with their hand luggage all around the ship, waiting for leaving the ship. There is still time for a last talk to new friends, remembering all the destinations of our wonderful trip. We have seen so much during this voyage, but all have been sure, that London, where Tower Bridge had to be opened only for us, was the highlight of our journey. We are looking forward to come home to share all these experiences with our family and friends. There are many passengers they have booked their next trip aboard FRAM already. It is easier to go, when you know, that you are coming back soon. 

New incoming guests arrived around 3pm. There was time for a coffee or a first cocktail in the bar after the check-in process. Well equipped with our new blue jackets, we arranged our cabins so that we feel home aboard MV FRAM during our trip.

After the safety drill and a welcome cocktail by our captain Rune Andreassen most passengers went to bed early.