Monday 9 May 2011

Welcome on board….“Let’s party….“

Today is a change over day on board, guests which have spent the last cruise with us are departing and new guests arrive. It is a busy day with many guests arriving within a short period of time. Once everybody is on board we leave the pier at 4:30 pm.

We did not just leave Hamburg, no; we were part in one of the city’s most famous events the “Hafen Geburtstag” one of the biggest harbor festivals in the world. 310 ships participated in a festive parade on the Elb River, and MV FRAM was in the midst of it. Guests and Crew alike were on the outside decks not to miss anything. All kinds of ships ahead of us and around us – Tall-ships, Steamships, Cruise-ships, Icebreakers, Expedition-ships, Navy-ships, Coast Guard-ships, Excursion-boats – all kinds, all sizes, all colors. Absolutely fantastic this parade on the water. A highlight to see besides the collection of historic Tall-ships was also the Queen Mary 2 from Cunard. The shores were crowded with spectators, cheering and waving the passing ships. When we passed the “Landungsbrücken” we were officially introduced and an orchestra played the National Anthem of Norway – a truly touching moment.

We trust the photos of this day will give you an impression how wonderful this experience was for all of us.