Friday 27 May 2011

A sea day – A relaxing day?

During the night we could feel already that we are at sea. The ship started to roll and to pitch; the wind was blowing with a Beaufort 7-8. But in our cabins we felt save, perhaps a little bit like a baby in a cradle. As we are heading forward to the west we had to set our clock last night one hour backward, that meant, that our first night aboard was a very long night with 13 hours. Most passengers have been happy about this fact. The travel day to the ship was exhausting and the first afternoon and evening aboard was exciting.
We thought we will have time for relaxing during the day, but we recognized very soon, that a sea day aboard FRAM is different to normal cruise liners. During the day our lecturers prepared us with different kind of lectures for our next destinations. We learned a lot about fish and fishery, about Scotland´s history and seabirds. But between we could find at least some time to relax in the sun on the open decks or in our Panorama Lounge.
The kitchen crew spoiled us during the whole day with buffets, waffles and a dinner menu. Some passengers decided already to throw the scale at home away. But good food can never ever be a sin!
In the evening our talented crew and our pianist Ralf arranged a very nice singing show for us. From now on we could relax really.