Friday, 14 September 2012

Blomsterbukta & Ella Ø

We started our day early again as we wanted to use our time as best as possible. Our first landing place was called “Blomsterbugten” what means nothing else than Flower Bay in English. The bay was named by Gunnar Seidenfaden and Arne Noe-Nygaard during Lauge Koch´s expedition in 1929. During this expedition they made an important botanical collection which helped to get so much more information about the tundra so far in the north.
Next to the landing side we found a trapper hut again that is still used by Sirius Patrol. 
The vegetation was nearly gone. It looked like that the winter is coming early this year. But as the weather was still good many of us enjoyed a longer hike to a little lake in the inland. Some Snow Hare and a Hermine showed us that we have not been alone in the National Park. 

During lunch time and the early afternoon FRAM sailed through Kong Oscar Fjord in the direction of Ella Ø where we should have our 2nd landing of the day. First we visited Lauge Koch´s scientific station that was built in 1931. It was used as a summer station for scientists until 1958. During World War II the station was taken over by Sirius Patrol and called Blue East 4. Today the station is still used by Sirius during the summer. Sirius rebuilt most of the houses and added some store houses they need for their own. We have been happy that we still met some men from the Sirius Patrol as they should be picked up by a helicopter the next day. 

Nearly everybody made an easy hike behind the station. The surrounding landscape has been unbelievable. Again we have been happy that the modern digital photography made our life so much easier. Back on board we could directly seen if we have been successful as a photographer.