Sunday 9 September 2012

In the ice

Today is has been marvellous weather, as usual in NE-Greenland. The guides have been giving lectures on different topics and different languages, as German and English. Olav and Bjarki also had an un-formal discussion about the Norwegian annexation of a part of NE-Greenland, named "Eirik den raudes land".
Most of the day we have been following the edge of the pack-ice. We saw flocks of seals, a whale blowing in the distance, polar bear tracks on the ice flow and a few birds.
At the end of the day we finally turned the ship westwards towards the coast of NE Greenland. At the moment we are south of Bontekoe Ø heading for Myggbukta where we will make a landing tomorrow to stretch our legs.
The sun set today was beautiful, but the days are getting shorter by 20 min each day so the light is fading quickly. The ice we have been sailing through all day has loosened up and the mountains are rising up from the sea.