Saturday 8 September 2012

Sailing westward

After two real expedition days we had a sea day onboard Fram on our way to Greenland´s north east coast. So we could sleep a little bit longer and had enough time for a nice breakfast. 
But after breakfast a lecture series started and we had the opportunity to learn a lot. So we had a lecture about Umberto Nobile and his expedition to the North Pole, a geological lecture about 4.6 Billion years in a nutshell, we learned about the Sirius Patrol in the National Park North East Greenland and about the history and the modern life in Greenland and we were thinking about the question who was really the first at the North Pole. The photographers under us had the possibility to learn from our expedition photographer the last important facts to get the best photos on the trip. We felt like students at the university, but everything was so well prepared by our expedition team that we did not want to miss any information.
In the afternoon we have been happy about a little rest with Norwegian waffles in the bar on deck 7. The whole ship smelled so wonderful that we had to go for waffles even we did not feel hungry as lunch had been excellent and most of us had already eaten more than we planned.
The evening ended with the famous FRAM fashion show. It was so nice to see the Captain and his officers together with the expedition team walking as models on the parquet. 
Tomorrow we expect our first ice very early in the morning. So when we awake tomorrow morning the world will be different. We are looking forward to the ice – that´s one reason why we are here.