Tuesday 11 September 2012

Science and Dogs

Today we visited the scientific station of Zackenberg. The station is beautifully situated amongst high mountains and the fjord. They even have one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Greenland!
We did a walk up to the station, where we were greated by the logistical people running the station and some 20 scientists. The scientists are making different research, as biology, geography, glaciology etc.
The logistical personell  and some of the scientists gave us a tour on the station, showing us their different fields of research.
All day long the weather was beautiful, with cool, crisp air.
On the landing site the guides and guests had huge problems with falling water due to the tide. This meant getting wet! Eventually after 1 1/2 hours of delay the expedition team had managed to get everyone out to the ship.
During lunch FRAM sailed over to Daneborg, HQ of the Sirius patrol only 22 km away from Zackenberg. Anchour was dropped at 1600 hrs and after a quick lunch and some dry clothes we were all ready to go ashore again.
The patrol only numbered four men now, while the others are on Ella Ø taking part in a search and rescue exercise.
Our guests were divided into five groups and the patrol members and Bjarki took each one group and gave a guided tour around on the station and even visited the dogs of the patrol. After the SIRIUS patrol were invited on board for dinner and a tour on the ship. 
Late in the evening we said good bye and wished  the patrol a good winter...