Tuesday 18 September 2012

Indian Summer in Iceland's West Fjords

In the morning we reached Grundafjordur, a little tiny village in Iceland´s West fjords. It looks like that we have more than one angel aboard as the weather is still more than fine. That meant we had still the best weather conditions for our planned excursions – and there have been quite a lot of them again.  
Iceland is a very special Island. Some regions are only covered with real green grass; here you will find the Icelandic sheep and Icelandic horses. Please, you should never ever call these horses ponies; the Icelanders are very sensitive in this point. Other areas are covered with vegetation that is similar to the tundra vegetation. In these areas you could get the feeling of Indian summer as the vegetation changed already to autumn color. Some areas are covered with huge glaciers. Here in the West fjords you can see the Snaefellsnes, Iceland´s smallest but more than nice glacier on top of a vulcaniv. Today we could see it even without clouds. Then of course we have the real volcanic areas. These surroundings give you sometimes the feeling to drive in a landscape you know only from pictures from the moon. And you should also never forget, that Iceland is a part of the middle ocean ridge system what means, that you are here on the ocean floor and not on the continental crust anymore.  

After a long excursion day we have been invited by our Captain Rune Andreassen to the Farwell Cocktail. Just before our last dinner we joined a Charity Auction. The proceeds went to the Association for Greenlandic Children. All together we collected more than 2500 € for the children – A good feeling after all our good experiences we had in Greenland.