Friday, 5 October 2012

A sunny day at sea!

Yesterday's evening ended with the M/V Fram fasion show where the officers and the expedition team were very exited to show their new range of clothes and hairstyles. Since we had quiet seas most of us were up in the Observation Lounge to see them walking up and down the "runway". This morning it was nice to take it easy and to study the daily program. We had the choice of many interesting lectures, bridge visits, waffels on deck 7 and Bjørn playing the piano in the evening. And furthermore, the entire day was perfect to be on one of the outer decks. The temperatures were mild enough (15 degrees) to lie in one of the lazy chairs on deck 7 while enjoying the ocean or to take a nap. Just before the last lecture session a pod of common dolfins gathered around the ship. They were very playful and showed us some nice jumps. Can it get any better? Tomorrow early in the morning we will enter the river Loire where we will pick up a local pilot to arrive safely in the harbour of Nantes. We are looking forward to explore this city!