Monday, 15 October 2012

We are sailing!

Our first day on board was a quiet day. The sea was very smooth and so we had time to find our own rhythm on the boat.

After our first breakfast on board we got our blue expedition jacket. It is a very nice gift but everybody hoped that we will not need the jacket on this trip. The temperature outside was app. 25°C and we believe that the temperature will even rise during the next days.

Most of us spent the later morning on the open decks. It was wonderful to have a rest under the blue sky and watch only the movement of the clouds.
During lunchtime it became a little bit warm outside. It was just the right time to go to the restaurant where our chef had prepared a wonderful buffet for us and the crew.

At 14.00 we have been invited by our Captain Arild Hårvig to a bridge visit. He spent a lot of time to explain us the technique on board. Afterwards we felt like real seamen.

In the afternoon we had our first “Teatime” with the expedition team. We had a very relaxed afternoon talking and listening with tea and of course coffee also. The baker prepared a wonderful cake and cookie buffet for us. We should not think about the calories we get during the day, but it is good to know, that there is a nice fitness hall on board. Hopefully this will help a little bit.

As the weather was good we had a very nice BBQ in the evening. It became dark very early and many of us stayed outside until the first stars showed up at the sky.

When we booked this trip we thought that we will have so much time onboard and perhaps we have been also afraid that it could become a bit boring too, but at the end of our first day we recognized that the day could have had even 25 hours. We enjoyed every minute and we are looking forward to the next day.