Monday, 22 October 2012

Let the crew talk

Crossings are very special trips we have aboard FRAM. We have passengers aboard, an expedition team, crew and workers for special renovation works. These works have to be done before we reach Buenos Aires. So we have a mixture of people and interest but we believe we are doing well and passengers, crew and workers enjoy their time. In the following report, written by our receptionist Clarice, you will get a little feeling about our daily life on board. 

It’s amazing how many days we are at sea already, and still we are enjoying the good weather, good food and of course fun at work. Work starts at 8am; we are almost finishing counting all the shop stocks from deck 3, up to deck 4 and 5. Quite excited with the progress at the moment, our ship’s shop is being renovated to make it bigger and wider. There are things that we don’t usually do or shall we say can’t do if not only during crossing, like for instance, having more time to rest, relax and have fun during the night with passengers we have on board. Just like today we have the awarding of certificates for the lucky ones who were baptized when we crossed the Equator, quite fun to see new faces experiencing it, and had a blast from the past seeing ourselves seating on that chair feeling the same.  One of our new Receptionist, Rose was also baptized that day hahaha lucky her. After a day of work, dinner together in the outside deck is sooooo good. This is one thing we would really miss during crossing, good weather, enough rest, games during the night and of course how could we miss the sumptuous barbecue/food the galley team is preparing for us every night. Our day is mostly spent counting the things we have in the shop, office supplies and a lot more. Another thing we are so grateful during this crossing is German lecture we do every day, we might not be the best German speaker after this but surely we’ll have a little confidence dealing with our German guest once the cruise starts. It really feels good learning new things, and the best part is, our dear passengers onboard are so great of helping us learning German, surely this is a great experience for us compared to the previous crossing we have done.

Our proud fresh baptized members of King Neptune´s Kingdom got their baptism certification in the evening.