Sunday, 28 October 2012

We spotted the „Spotted Dolphins“

After all these games and competitions we had during the last days we made the decision to have a lazy day today. But lazy days can become also wonderful. Just before breakfast we had our first visitor – a jumping “Giant oceanic manta ray”. First of all our Safety Officer Jan Olaf and Friederike from the Expedition team saw it from the bridge. The Ray was jumping again and again very high out of the water. Some passengers saw it too as they have been out on deck 5 just as it happens. Sorry, we have no photo, nobody from us expected a jumping Ray, and you have to believe us, perhaps at least the Safety Officer.

Later during the day we got even more visitors. Martin spotted a huge school of “Atlantic Spotted Dolphins”. The dolphins joined us for at least two hours riding in our bow wave. It was difficult to photograph them, but all passengers found their personal way to catch them with their camera. Look at the photos and you will understand.

At 3pm we had our teatime with fresh waffles out on the open deck.
Afterwards we met for an informative talk with our Captain, the Hotel Manager and the Chief Engineer. It was nice that they spent so much time with us.